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Emotional & Mental Health First Aid Course

For the First time in India

a course on

Emotional & Mental Health First Aid

Beneficial for all employees, supervisors, human resource professionals and managers

Mental Health is of prime importance for everyone and is required at every stage of our life.

It includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being.

Beneficial for:

This course is beneficial to all supervisors, human resource professionals and managers as it will help them to:

  • Identify emotional and psychological concerns of their team members
  • Intervene at the right time so that essential support can be provided
  • Look out for options to let the employees gain more work-life balance
  • Support their team members to work more productively and happily


There are no charges for this course as of now. The administrative arrangements need to be taken care by the organization.

Introductory Workshop:

We offer an introductory workshop of 90 minutes about the course and it helps to gain a preview of the course in terms of the contents, methodology and structure.

Course Details:

Duration: 25 hours

(10 sessions of 2.5 hours or 3 full-day sessions)


This course shall equip participants to:

  • Gain practical knowledge to maintain good emotional and mental health
  • Learn Skills to handle emergency situations
  • Practice techniques to support others more effectively
  • Acquire Basic Counseling Skills
  • Foster a more encouraging and motivating environment


Module 1

Basics of Emotional and Mental Health

Module 2

Common Psychological Issues

Module 3

Identifying Concerns and Ways of Addressing

Module 4

Listening and Communication Skills

Module 5

Basic Counseling Skills-I

Module 6

Basic Counseling Skills-II

Module 7

First Aid for Various Situations

Module 8

Treatment Options and Support

Module 9

Simple Ways to Better Emotional & Mental Health

Module 10

Fostering a Culture of Support and Inclusion


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