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Instructional Design Course

Learning that addresses the needs of learners and stakeholders—and does it in ways that facilitate learning transfer, knowledge retention, and skills development—has any significant value. 

Would you like to learn practical knowledge and skills to jump start your ID Career? 

Would you like to be a more confident and competent Instructional Designer?


Basics of Instructional Design

  • Domains of Learning
  • Modes and Dimensions of ID
  • Learning Styles: Pedagogy & Andragogy
  • Learning Theories


  • Learning Needs Identification and Analysis
  • Designing Phase: High Level Design and Low Level Design, Learning Objectives and Evaluation Strategies
  • Developing Content for an Instructor Led Program: Participant’s Manual, Trainer’s Manual, Presentations, Job-aids, Training aids
  • Storyboarding for Computer based Training or Web based Training
  • Implementation: Training Check List, Classroom Setting, Preparation before a Session, Dry run for a CBT and WBT
  • Evaluation: Types of Evaluation, Levels of Evaluation
  • Application of ADDIE Model

Designing the Instruction

  • Sequencing
  • Strategies
  • Instructional Message

Writing Effectively

  • Various Content Types
  • Applying LIFTS Principle
  • Writing with impact
  • Creating Impactful Storyboards
  • Writing Effectively for ILT
  • Writing Effectively for CBT

Visualizing Creatively

  • Visualization Table
  • Working with Graphics, Animation and Text