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Management Development Program (MDP)

MDP is a program based on simulations and active learning methodologies that has been designed to enhance the core competencies of the managers. This program enables the managers to gain practical knowledge, skills and resources to effectively lead and develop their teams.

Target Competencies:

  • Adaptability: The Adaptability competency involves demonstrating openness to new ideas, responding positively and rapidly adjusting to changing conditions and obstacles. Adaptable individuals lead others in the modification of approach, behavior, strategies and action plans to adapt to new priorities.
  • Communication: The Communications competency focuses on fostering open and honest communication and facilitating multi-way communication internally and externally. Communication competency involves providing clear, consistent verbal and non-verbal messages to support the vision and strategy of the organization. This competency also requires communicating effectively and timely through technical writing, presentations and reports.
  • Decisiveness: The Decisiveness competency involves combining judgment with effective tools and methods to make sound, timely decisions, and engaging others when it is in the best interest of all parties. The Decisiveness competency involves ensuring effective controls are employed to recognize and proactively avoid costly error and mistakes, while owning results.
  • Developing Others: Competency in Developing Others involves actively modeling and enhancing leadership attributes in others through effective delegation of work and tasks, empowering, coaching, mentoring, counseling, teaching, providing constructive feedback, and rewarding excellence. This competency involves creating an environment supportive of continual learning and pursuit of internal and external development opportunities.
  • Performance Management and Results Orientation: The Performance Management and Results-Orientation competency focuses on creating and promoting a positive, results-driven work environment in which expectations are understood, performance is measured and monitored, and results are achieved. Those competent in Performance Management and Results-Orientation effectively link day-to-day activities to mission accomplishments and are accountable for results.
  • Problem Solving: The Problem Solving competency involves identifying and analyzing problems, prioritizing issues, identifying root causes, and implementing rational, sensitive solutions for results. Those competent in Problem Solving anticipate and prevent problems, exhibiting full understanding and exceptional capability in their areas of expertise. This competency involves utilizing expertise and action to resolve problems.
  • Strategic Thinking: This competency involves considering internal and external information and data, and assessing impact areas as part of decision making. Those competent in Strategic Thinking develop proactive, long-term perspective and programs, and capably translate the strategic vision to focused, results-driven actions and measurable results.
  • Teamwork and Group Leadership: The Teamwork and Group Leadership competency involves working effectively in groups and teams and creating positive stakeholder relationships that maximize individual, work-unit, and organizational performance results. Those competent in Teamwork and Group Leadership lead and motivate customers, suppliers, subordinates, peers, and superiors to work together to accomplish goals.

Duration of the Program

The ideal duration of the program is 40 hours, i.e. five days but it can be customized as per the client’s requirements.


  • Discussion with Stakeholders
  • Self Assessment (Participants)
  • Assessment by the Manager
  • Assessment by Direct Reports
  • Pre-work by Participants
  • Post-work by Participants
  • Check list to be maintained by Managers

Program Delivery Methodology

The complete training shall be experiential in nature. A typical session shall flow as follows:

  • Knowledge or Skill Check
  • Concept Sharing
  • Concept Application Examples
  • Skills Workout
    • Facilitator-led Discussion
    • Case-Works
    • Case-Studies
    • Activities
    • Exercises
    • Group-work
    • Presentations
    • Self-assessment Quiz
  • Skill Check
  • Concept Application