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The Affective Domain Workshop

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Review the affective domain of learning in a comprehensive way
  • Gain basic understanding of the different behavioural modalities
  • Apply CBT, TA and NLP Techniques while designing behavioural sessions
  • ADDIE for behavioural skills
  • Practice ways to facilitate long lasting change in the participants’ behaviour

The one-month mentorship programme over Whatsapp will cover:

  • Learning application of various modalities and techniques
  • Receiving guidance and coaching on the various focus areas covered in the workshop

For whom:

For trainers who  want to learn the science behind conducing Behavioural Skills Workshops

“Workshop Focus Areas”

  • Domains of Learning: Cognitive, Psychomotor, Affective
  • Stages of learning in the Affective Domain
  • Introduction to  behavioural modalities
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Preview
    • Common Techniques
    • Application
  • Transactional Analysis
    • Preview
    • Common Techniques
    • Application
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Preview
    • Common Techniques
    • Application
  • ADDIE for Behavioural Sessions
    • TNI & A
    • Setting objectives
    • Designing Behavioural Sessions
    • Training Design Format
    • Training Methodologies for Behavioural Sessions
    • Facilitating common behavioural topics (Details to be covered in the mentorship programme)
      • Assertion Skills
      • Competency Development
      • Personal Development
      • Interpersonal Skills
      • Conflict Management
      • Facilitating Change
      • Management Development Programs
      • Leadership Development Programs
    • Tools & Techniques to Foster Learning
    • Evaluating Behavioural Skills Training
  • Exploring Further (Developing knowledge and skills for various modalities)

Workshop Fees

Rs. 3000 to Rs 4000/-

We have instituted a sliding fee structure going from Rs 3000 to 4000/-. While the two-day-one-month course offers you value much in excess of the amount charged, please consult your financial capacity and pay anything within that spectrum. The full course fee would be appreciated from those who can afford to pay it.

(The fee includes workshop material, lunch, tea and the one-month mentorship programme)

Bank Details:

Account name: Atul Sharma

Bank name: ICICI

Branch: GK-I

  Savings Account No:   002901548842

  IFSC:  ICIC0000029

About the Facilitator

Atul Sharma has been a trainer, facilitator and an instructional designer for 18 years. Having worked in organizations like Accenture, NIIT and Jaquar, Atul is the Principal Consultant at Oasis of Learning since 2011. The hallmarks of his facilitation are clarity, simplicity, self-discovery and passion. As a Master Trainer and Facilitator, he has trained numerous trainers who have gone on to achieve great career success. The workshop is a distillation of his experiential learning over these years.


4th & 11th December 2016

Batch Preference