Oasis of Learning

Co-Creating More Purpose and Joy!


Towards the end of this training participants shall be able to:

  • Conduct a formal Training Needs Identification and Analysis
  • Apply the major learning theories and adult learning principles
  • Develop audience-centric content for training sessions
  • Gain insight into active training methodologies
  • Conduct formal training sessions with confidence and ease

Program Content

Session 1

  • Training Basics
  • Types of Training
  • Adult Learning Principles and their Application
  • Common Learning theories and their Application

Session 2

  • ADDIE Model of Training
  • Training Needs Identification
    • Need of TNI
    • Tools and Techniques of TNI
    • How to make Training Needs Analysis Report
  • Evaluation of Training
    • Methods
    • Levels of Evaluation
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy and its application
  • Framing Learning Objectives for Training Sessions

Session 3

  • Training Design
    • Need of a Training Design
    • Steps of creating a Training Design
  • Training Methodologies
  • Active Learning Methodologies
  • Content Creation
    • Participants’ Manual
    • Facilitator’s Guide
    • Presentations
    • Job Aids
    • Training Props

 Session 4

  • Training Delivery Skills
  • Using Media and Training Aids
  • Opening a Session
  • Progressing a Session
  • Handling Situations and Participants
  • Techniques to reinforce the learning
  • Closing a Session


Facilitator-led Discussion, Case-Studies, Role-Plays on simulated scenarios, Activities, Exercises, Learning Games, Group-work, Presentations, Recorded Videos of Participants, Self-assessment Quiz, Demonstrations by the Trainer, Reflection, Storytelling, Slip Writing


The workshop is designed to be conducted for two to five full days depending upon the client’s requirements and TNI.