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Performance Appraisal on a Post-it

Performance Appraisal on a Post-it

Yes! It is true… You can get your appraisal done on a post-it.

 I am going to share an appraisal experience when I was working as a Lead Trainer: Voice and Accent and Soft Skills with a BPO named Equinox. It has become Oracle BPO now.

I had a great supe…

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To Sodhi Madam, with Love

The following story reminds me of my favorite teacher Sodhi Madam. She has been a beacon of light in my life. When I changed my school in the 9th grade and was troubled by some students, she gave me hope and courage. Not only she taught us the subject, she taught us the values of discipline and hard…

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10 Simple Ways to Combat Office Politics

1. Accept the situation: Office politics is inevitable…Accept the situation and stop cribbing about it.  The more you operate from the victim’s position, the more you will suffer.

2. Be Aware: Do not get so immersed in your work that you do not know what is happening around you. Get to know wh…

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Pearl Goleman

Yes, Pearl Goleman…that’s the alias I suggested her.

It was my first job as a corporate trainer in a BPO. I was in a graveyard shift which used to begin at 12.30 am. In my first batch I met Poonam Dhaliwal. She joined the company as a Call Center Executive, like the rest of the executives but s…

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