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Blog posts August 2014

A Wonderful Story

Stories are a wonderful way to make a training session warmer. I like stories that touch hearts and have learning points too. Recently, I conducted a workshop on ‘Supervision with Respect’ and I used a story to depict how we can make a difference in someone’s life.

A Lesson from My Father


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10 Ways to keep better Mental Health

Role Play: Assertiveness Skills Workshop

A Role Play that can be used while practicing Assertiveness Skills.

Brief for Rajesh:

You are an investment banking manager – your job consists of investing for a large Multinational firm into the various financial service business. Your entire day comprises mostly of meeting various people and gu…

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I am Me, I am OK

A beautiful poem by Virginia Satir that reassures the fact that we are fine the way we are and we can change too...

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Case Study: Work Life Balance

Ravi Gurnani has been working in ICSD Technologies since 2009. He was very happy with his job. The money was not that great but he had happiness and things were fine. He had time for his wife and kid and he could visit his parents in Delhi quiet frequently. In 2011, thirty percent of the staff was g…

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