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Domains of Learning

Training is the systematic process of developing the knowledge, skills and attitude of participants for enhanced performance.

  • Knowledge            I know                 Cognitive Domain                         
  • Skills                    I can                    Psychomotor Domain                  
  • Attitude                I want to              Affective Domain                         

There are three domains of learning: cognitive (thinking), psychomotor (doing) and affective (feeling). Every training session is focused on a single domain or a combination of these three domains.

For example, a session on ‘New Products in the Market’ would primarily focus on cognitive domain. After this session participants are supposed to know the new products.

A training session on ‘Speaking to Global Audience’ would focus on cognitive and psychomotor domain. Its purpose is to let participates speak in such a manner so that global audience can understand them and vice versa.

‘Leading with Stride’ would be a training session focusing on all the domains, viz. cognitive, psychomotor and affective. The aim of such a session would be enhance the skills of participants along with bringing a chance in their attitude towards leading people.

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