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I Am Special Because

This is a blog for the Blogadda's weekly WOW Prompt which is: 'I Am Special Because':

I Am Special Because I am a Bi-polar winner. Bi-polar is a disorder in which a person experiences unusual highs and lows in his moods which affect his behavior. I got diagnosed with it when I was 21 years old and it has been a long battle to emerge as a winner from the bi-polar mosnter. I am a behavioral trainer and counselor by profession. I feel special because I get a change to touch people’s lives in a very unique way. I provide them the skills and insight to lead their lives with more happiness and joy. When I receive calls and e-mails from people who tell me how I changed their lives for the better then I feel really good. I think I have more empathy for people with any kind of difficult situation or disability because I have seen some really tough times in my life. There have been instances when I was discriminated because of my situation, I was fired from job, and my partner left me but nothing could keep me from moving forward. I am special because I have so many people who value me and love me. I feel special because I have a beautiful and caring family. There are some more aspects about me that make me feel special. I have a nice voice and I like singing devotional songs. People compliment me for making them feel connected to God. This makes me feel really special. I think I am the chosen one whom God has given all these talents so that I can act like his ideal instrument to make things happen for others.

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