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Performance Appraisal on a Post-it

Performance Appraisal on a Post-it

Yes! It is true… You can get your appraisal done on a post-it.

 I am going to share an appraisal experience when I was working as a Lead Trainer: Voice and Accent and Soft Skills with a BPO named Equinox. It has become Oracle BPO now.

I had a great supervisor and a learning leader. Due to some business reasons, my immediate manager was shifted to another department. I got another Manager whom I started reporting to. Rachna was very tactful, patient and came across to me as someone who was little diplomatic. As my earlier manager was an authoritative one, believe me; I found it difficult to accept that my reporting manager could be so nice and caring towards me. Just to highlight her thoughtfulness; one day I just told her that my sister’s birthday is coming the next week. She asked me the date and I told her. Exactly, one day before the birthday, while I was leaving for the day; she gave me a very nice photo album and asked me to give it to my sister and convey her wishes. 

Six months went by and it was time for my half-yearly appraisal. I had filled in my form very meticulously and was mentally rehearsing my rebuttals. Rachna came in the meeting room and handed over a post-it to me. She said, “Atul, Ashima (my learning leader) and I are really happy with the hard work you are putting in. Your work is good and I am sure you are on your way to become an Assistant Manager. Whatever you have filled in your appraisal form, I am ready to sign it and hand it over with my recommendation for promotion to Ashima. I am not going to give you any feedback. I think with the kind of work we do, you get so much of real time feedback that there is no scope for work related feedback. What I want to say is written in this post-it. I want you to think about these points for five minutes while I get tea and good day cookies from the cafeteria and you think about what I have written.”

We spoke about those six points for about 2-3 hours and I felt that it was one of the most meaningful talks I ever had with someone.

After a year and a half, I became a manager and believe me that post-it thing… yes it worked…and it still works for me… But, I think it only works if you follow this 5 POINT GOLDEN RULE AS A SUPERVISOR:

-          Be clear about your subordinates Ability for his various tasks and make them crystal clear too

-          Get to know the real Willingness of your subordinates for different activities

-          Learn how to channelize the energies and instill confidence in them to increase their commitment every time..

-          Care for the small things and still keep the big picture in mind, and

-          Most importantly… Be there for them!

P.S: Here’s that post-it, Rachna gave me and here’s a recent picture of Rachna.. Yes, she likes to pose if she wears a dress... lol

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