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What’s in the Name?

Have you ever heard a baby cry non-stop for two hours? Well, I have. Once I was attending a workshop and there was a mom with a ten day old baby. The baby was in an adjacent room but we could hear her cry. The baby kept on crying till the first tea break. I went up to the mom in the break and asked her what made her bring a ten day old baby to the workshop. She told me that she was going through a tough time in her life and thought that the workshop will help her but there was no one to look after the baby, so she brought her to the workshop. I asked her the baby's name. “Her name is Tarana” I got the reply. I asked, “Do you know what it means? She replied, “Yes, it means Rhythm.”  I said, “Well, not exactly; it is a type of composition in Hindustani classical vocal music.” She asked me in a very sweet manner, “Can you sing a Tarana for my baby?” I am not a trained singer but I said all right, let me give it a try. I started singing a tarana in Mian ki Malhaar and believe me the baby Tarana immediately stopped crying and started listening to the tarana as if she knew what it meant.  All of us were shocked with what happened within two minutes after I finished singing the tarana. Out of nowhere, in a clear sunny day; it started raining heavily as if the malhaar (clouds) were so happy with the tarana. The baby slept peacefully after that and even when she woke up she didn’t cry a bit. May be, knowing that not only her mom has got the right meaning of her name- Tarana but she also got to experience the power of it.

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