Oasis of Learning

Co-Creating More Purpose and Joy

Learning shall be fun for children as well as teachers and if the teachers who impart education are passionate and skilled then the affects are astonishing. We work with this belief that all children have the potential towards excellence and if we can get to know them better, we can form a learning strategy based on their preferred learning style. This could be challenging to parents and teachers if they are not aware of the latest tools and techniques that can support them to create that difference that actually shifts limiting beliefs and channelizes the energies of the child. Over the past few years we have conducted  workshops for Schools like GD Goenka, DPS, DAV Public School, St. Soldiers Convent and Green Valley Public School. We have also imparted workshops to Institutions like Sri Sathya Sai Sewa Organization, SMU and Apar Institute. 

Common Workshops for Teachers

o Balancing Life: A workshop focusing on how to balance the eight spheres of life viz. Health, Well being, Family, Friends, Career, Finance, Leisure and Personal Development.

o Counseling Skills: This Workshop aims at providing basic Counseling Skills to the teachers. It supports them to handle everyday situations in teaching that requires understanding of the children by focusing on their needs and feelings.

o Multiple intelligences Workshop: The purpose of this workshop is to equip the teachers with a good understanding of the eight intelligences and to support them with various tools and techniques to incorporate MI while creating lesson plans and teaching. It also provides practical information on setting MI centers and fostering an MI culture in the school.

o Creative Teaching Techniques: An innovative workshop that focuses on application of  various learning methodologies via various teaching tools and techniques that support teachers to be creative in their teaching. It also helps teachers to cater to the needs of different types of learners.

o Distress to De-Stress: A serene and peaceful workshop providing various simple and easy techniques to teachers to live more fully and happily.

o Experiential Learning: This workshop focuses on how to make the learning reflection based and practical. It provides an array of teaching methodologies to teachers to make their learning more student-focused and active.

o Life is a Game. Play it!: The aim of this workshop is to focus on living life to the fullest with positive attitude, a feeling of gratitude and right spirit. This workshop helps participants gain a better perspective at life and how to live a life full of adventure, color and joy.

o Listening Skills: Listening actively and empathically can really help teachers to acknowledge the feeling of children and create a deeper bond with the kids. This workshop focuses on various types of listening, techniques of listening and common listening barriers.

o Personal Leadership: This workshop focuses on how educators can excel in Autonomy, Initiative and Responsibility which are the three cornerstones of Personal Leadership. This workshop further provides insight into the traits and skills of Personal Leadership.

o Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: Based on the famous book by Deepak Chopra by the same title, this workshop helps participants to get a deeper insight into the seven Spiritual Laws and how to apply then in day to day life. This workshop provides a holistic view to look at life and how to lead life with happiness and joy.

o Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Based on Stephen Covey’s work this workshop focuses on the practical application of the seven habits. It starts with personal mastery and goes over to public victory. It also aims at providing tools and techniques for leading a more successful personal and professional life.

o Team Dynamics: How does personality types improves or diminishes the performance of a team? How can a group of people realize their vision and mission and work together? Team Dynamics workshop focuses on all these aspects and much more. It helps participants gain a perspective to function together as a team and to imbibe the characteristics of a winning team.

o Transactional Analysis for Personal Excellence: The workshop on Transactional Analysis (TA) aims at providing participants with a fair understanding of the basic concepts of TA and how to use them in order to lead a more happy and fulfilling life.

o NLP for Teachers: How concepts and principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help teachers in their personal and professional lives is the focus on this workshop. This workshop is very facilitative in nature and focuses on addressing the concerns teachers face in their lives and while teaching.

Duration of the Workshops

Different workshops have different durations ranging from 4 hours to 16 hours. We also customize the workshops as per the needs of the schools.

Process Methodology

  • Discussion with the stakeholders
  • Pre-work for Participants
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Post-work for Participants

Workshop Facilitation Methodology

All these workshops are full of discussion, exercises, learning games and activities. We use other active learning methodologies like, Case-Studies, Role-Plays on simulated scenarios, Group-work, Self-assessment Quiz and Videos too.

Batch Size

We recommend 20-25 teachers in one batch.