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Transactional Analysis for a fulfilling life

Date: 28th Oct. 2017 (Sat.)

Venue: DPS Educational Society

WZ-107, IIIrd Floor, Sant Garh, Street No-21, (Near Keshopur Depot)

Outer Ring Road, New Delhi-110018

Time: 10 am to 5 pm


Program Details:

This workshop shall let you

  • identify the underlying factors that impact our behavior
  • learn ways to enhance self concept and confidence
  • determine ways to improve communication with self and others
  • explore hidden blocks that limit your growth
  • create a new pattern of enabling beliefs, positive thoughts and good feelings
  • learn techniques to apply TA in all spheres of life

Focus Areas

  • Personality: Nature and Nurture
  • Identifying Parent, Adult and Child Ego States in self and others
  • Applying the Rainbow of Ego-States in various situations
  • Understanding and Applying Strokes Economy
  • Getting to know the Basic Hungers and how they impact our behavior
  • Identifying the Working drivers that govern the way we behave
  • Identifying the way we structure our time
  • Finding how we design our Life Script
  • Discovering how we play games to foster our life position
  • Finding ways to identify destructive games and breaking the vicious cycle
  • Writing a new Life Script
  • Receiving 14- ‘Permissions’ to live life in a more fulfilling way


  • Awareness about subconscious working patterns that can be limiting
  • Develop new habits easily
  • Get rid of unhelpful behavior and habits
  • Live in a more fulfilling way
  • Develop more autonomy and control

You may call Sreejith Nambiar at 9205343386 for any queries. Thank you!

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