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If you are reading this page then I think that you are looking for support to complete your ISTD internship project.

I have been guide to 14 students so far and most of them were able to achieve more than 80% marks in their project works. Currently four more students are preparing their projects with my guidance.

If you are looking for someone to be your guide then you can approach me. You need to send me your resume at and I shall get back to you to fix up a call and guide you in subsequent sessions to complete your project work. There are no charges for this service as ISTD offers an honorarium to all guides.

In case you already have a guide and you are still looking for additional guidance then you can approach me. This option is not free and you need to pay per session. The charges are nominal but you will get enough support in the forms of templates, additional reference material and personal guidance to help you finish your project on time.

I expect basic human respect, adherence to timelines and timely communication in return from you.

I have published an e-guide to support students also (for batch number 78 and before). This e-book is available here.

I wish you all the best in life!


Atul Sharma