Oasis of Learning

Co-Creating More Purpose and Joy!


Master the art and science of personal and professional success!

Welcome to a two-day workshop that introduces you to simple yet powerful techniques of personal and professional excellence with the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop shall let you to:

  • identify the key behaviors to be successful in life
  • learn techniques, tools and tips to be more effective
  • master strategies to motivate self, utilize internal and external resources
  • formulate a personal action plan to track your progress for 21-days to gain more confidence, clarity and comfort
  • & create a new YOU!


Self-assessment Quiz, Simulations, Demonstrations, Practice Activities and Exercises, Group Work, Learning Videos, Case Studies, Modeling, Discussions and Drills

Focus Areas

  • Seven lies of Success
  • Power of Positive Intention
  • 3 Vs of Communication: Verbal, Vocal and Visual
  • Neuro
    • Thinking Patterns: Engaging the 5 senses: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory to gain more permeability
    • 8 Filters to perceive information
    • Thinking with your body
  • Linguistic
    • Enriched Communication
    • Precision Questions
    • Metaphors
    • Metamessages
  • Programming
    • Modeling
    • Strategies
  • Karpman drama triangle
  • Strategies
    • The Magic of Rapport
    • Reframing
    • Anchoring
  • Handling Resistance and Solving Problems
  • The Syntax of Success
  • Application of NLP at Work
  • Receiving 14- ‘Permissions’ to live life in a more fulfilling way
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan for 21 days