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Can I really learn via WhatsApp? Would it be effective?

Well, YES! WhatsApp is an excellent medium to learn anything. All you need is a good connection and a better intention.

Voice & Accent Certification: 30-day Course

Are you ready to sound mesmerizing? Yes! That’s what a 30-day course on WhatsApp can do for you.

Atul Sharma's ‘Speak Easily and Eloquently’ WhatsApp based training-cum-coaching course aims at:

  • Making you use your voice for your advantage
  • Helping you understand the various components of Voice Modulation
  • Giving you a full-drill based course on Accent Neutralization and Enhancement
  • Improving your Intonation and projection

How would this course help you?

The course begins with a detailed evaluation where your speech is evaluated on five different parameters on a 10 point scale. Participants who practiced their lessons regularly, submitted all their assignments on time and worked upon the feedback, showed a 1 to 3 point shift in the various parameters over a period of 30 days. 

Start Date: You can start this course any day. The lessons are sent on a daily basis. You also get additional lessons based on your needs and support via phone calls. In case you need to take a break because of any reason, you can inform the trainer. You can finish the course in 45 days.

Focus Areas:

  • Voice Modulation- Components
  • Accent Basics
  • Global Accent
  • Articulation (Vowel & Consonant Sounds)
  • Pronunciation (Syllable Stress)
  • Intonation (Pace & pause Management, Word Stress)
  • Projection of Voice

Methodology: The course will have practical nuggets (voice files messages, drills, videos, formats, exercises and handouts) to help you understand the basic building blocks of voice and accent along with the tools, techniques and tactics for neutralizing and enhancing your accent. You need to practice the drills and submit voice files. It will take you 15-20 minutes every day to practice the exercises. You will get feedback on daily basis. You shall get a certificate after successful completion of your post assessment.

Please see this introductory course video:


Registration: The discounted charges for this course are 5999/- 3999/- INR for participants from India and 4999/- INR for participants who are from outside India. 

You can either

PayTm on 9999598964,

Pay directly by clicking here,

or do an EFT at Atul Sharma, Account Number: 002901548842, ICICI, GK-I, IFSC: ICIC0000029.

Download facilitator's profile.

Join in and get skills to shine forever in life via your voice!


In case you have any questions, feel free to call at 9999598964 or click here to WhatsApp

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