Oasis of Learning

Co-Creating More Purpose and Joy

Oasis is a place in desert that is full of greenery and water. It provides shelter and comfort to the travelers and help them to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Atul visited an oasis in 2007 and was intrigued by the mystic nature of the place. When he decided to form a learning platform for people and organizations, Atul named it- Oasis of Learning.

At Oasis of Learning, we support, guide and motivate all those who want to excel in their lives and want to lead more productive, fulfilling and  balanced lives. We are a team of diverse skilled professionals on a mission to create difference in people’s lives.

Our Mission

To be a respected training organization and a preferred partner for the learning needs of our customers by exceeding their expectations in quality and delivery through continuous innovation and partnership.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the resources necessary to find answers are within each person. If a conducive environment is created then all of us are capable to introspect, imbibe and implement.

We call ourselves Facilitrainers = Facilitators + Trainers

Oasis Advantage


We focus on imparting knowledge that can be instantly used and applied. We facilitate our sessions in a manner that is activity and reflection based and is highly experiential in nature.


We believe in the power of research and tools that have been tried and tested. Our workshops are based on CBT, TA and NLP techniques and focus on results.


Customizing the sessions to the needs of our participants and recognizing that participants already have the resources to bring in the change is another feature of our sessions.


Our sessions are not PowerPoint based and our facilitators don’t have an agenda of their own. We let the session flow in the direction participants want to follow and let them take responsibility of their learning.


We believe in change! Our interventions are target based and the behavioral changes can be observed within 21 days of the sessions. We expect our clients to assume responsibility towards creating an environment that allows the change to happen.