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Here’s a quick question for you.

Can you think of a sentence with ten words in it?

Obviously, you can! Here’s the twist. All the words in the sentence need to be only two lettered words (examples: so, to, as)

I delivered my first Virtual Session in the year 2014 and I used this simple activity to highlight the importance of personal development.

The answer to the question is towards the end of this page.

When the pandemic hit, I started with a series of sessions for trainers on how to deliver Virtual Training and lot of trainers asked me for an exclusive session on Virtual Activities. I must have conducted around two dozen workshops during 2020-22 on Activities for Virtual Training.

This book is a culmination of all those activities I created and the various activities I learnt from my mentors, seniors, and fellow trainers in my training career of 22 years.


101 Activities for Virtual Training Sessions

An e-book that has a range of icebreakers, activities, exercises and jolts to make your Virtual Sessions interesting, engaging and effective.

The activities are helpful for sessions on Communication Skills, Customer Service, Creativity, Problem Solving and many other Soft Skills topics.

In this book you get a range of activities that you can pick and choose and save time and effort while designing your sessions.

Most of the activities are versatile and around 70% of them could be used for offline sessions also.

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You might be curious to know how this e-book is unique and while you may get a set of activities on Google then why you should invest in buying this book?

Here are some reasons:

  1. About 50% activities in this book are unique as they have been created by me. You would not get them anywhere on the internet. I have picked up other activities from my experience of 22 years in the field from my fellow trainers, mentors, managers, and books.
  2. All the activities have been tested by me and a set of trainers who have attended my Virtual Activities Workshops and have given me great feedback.
  3. The activities available on google are generic and as you know about copy-paste content writers, the same generic activities are being churned on different websites.
  4. Most of the activities available on internet are for fun. They are ice breakers and energizers and do not have strong learning application.
  5. There is no other e-book in the market which is so comprehensive and detailed with such a vast range of effective activities.


Get the e-book

Get Your pdf Copy Here (available for Indian readers only)

Get Your Amazon Kindle Copy Here (for Indian readers)

Get Your Amazon Kindle Copy Here (for foreign readers)

You may pay (599/-) via G-pay or PayTm on 9999598964 also.

Please share the screenshot to get the e-book via e-mail.


Readers' Feedback

Those involved in soft-skills training will find this resource quite useful. The activities are interesting, well organized and written with clear instructions.

Purnima Valiathan: Master Trainer and Mentor, Founder - ID Mentors


An Activity for Every Opportunity: When I was going through the e-book, I couldn't help being amazed by the variety of activities that it offers. If you are a VILT facilitator or are interested in ice breakers, you need to get your hands on this e-book.

There are a wide variety of activities to be implemented via online meetings. I really enjoyed the plethora of engaging games to choose from and they are all different, fun, and unique. You can also adapt it at in person meetings if that were the case.

This a complete guide for making meetings interesting and engaging incorporating different activities that will hook the audience participating.

Alinnette Casiano: Learning Experience Designer- Amazon Web Services


Activities are neatly organized based on the skill gap or the focus area that is being addressed like listening skills, negotiation skills etc.
Every activity has an introduction, the de-brief and the application areas. The instruction are that simple to follow, and all the required handouts, materials associated with the activity is also shared by the author.
Engaging audience and getting them to participate is a challenging exercise, this book certainly eases that with simple, easily understandable and really doable activities that brings out amazing results at the end of the session.

Karthikeyan Muthusamy: Delivery Partner- Tata Consultancy Services


Excellent e-book. Very useful for online training. All activities described will be helpful in engaging the participants and providing maximum benefits to them. I strongly recommend this innovative method of providing creative ideas in a fun way.

Dr. Ketan Dholakia: Consultant Anesthesiologist, Yog Therapist & Life Coach


All the activities are fantastic, and anyone can use them by just reading this book. No training is required to use these activities. This is the best book I have ever come across.

Bhupendra Singh Thakur: Senior Executive Human Resources, Lupin


I had pre-ordered this useful book the moment I have heard this from Author itself. I am an HR professional, and trainer and I have found the book is a ready reckoner for the trainers when it comes engage the participants. The book consists of 101 activities from various sub topics, all the activities and application of each activity nicely illustrated by the Author. Overall, I have liked the book very much useful and I am sure all Trainers will be benefited from this book.

Nabarun Basu: Human Resource Management, Zuventus Healthcare Limited


Simple to understand, Hands on Experience of Atul shared in simple and ease to understand way for the benefit of Trainers. Would recommend you go for it.

B Dattraj: Manager Sales and Technical


There are lot of activities in this book. Some are short and some are little long. All together a good value add to a trainer's e-shelf.

Kumuddini: Freelance Consultant


Great resource for trainers to keep the audience engaged and more interactive.

Vinoth Kumar V: Training and Development, KIA India


This is a great book for trainers. The activities are handy the best part is that and all the resource material also comes with the book.

Priyanka Sharma: Sr. Manager-Training and Development


Wonderful book. As a trainer I found the book very helpful. It is a good repository for every kind of training we do. Great Atul.

Preeti Raina: Freelance Trainer


Answer: If it is to be, it is up to me.

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