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Career as a Trainer

To be a successful Trainer you need to have the right combination of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.

Training is a vast field and you need to know both, the science and art of training.

When I say Science of Training, I mean knowledge of Competency based Training, Training needs identification, Analysis, Writing Instructional Objectives, Training Design, Training Development, Implementation and Evaluation.

This knowledge can be gained by either reading some books or undergoing a formal course. However, unless you get a platform to observe and practice the above dimensions, your knowledge will be mere theoretical. Certifications add to your knowledge, hone your skills and add to your profile too. If you can gain the required skills and knowledge in a practical way then you may go ahead in the field of training. There are lot of trainers who are not very good at the science of training. In fact market is full of such trainers. However, in case an organization wants a proper training intervention including identification of needs and evaluation, then these trainers might not do an effective job.

The Art of Training includes Communication Skills, Presentation Skills and Facilitation Skills. You can again read books on these subjects and undergo courses to hone your skills. Some people are naturally good at these.

If we talk about certifications there are lot of options.

Indian Society for Training and Development ( offers a 1.5 years course in TnD. The advantage of this course is that it is the only course recognized by the ministry of HRD. The disadvantage is that the course only focuses on knowledge and has very less skills development method.I know lot of candidates who clear the theory papers and then feel stuck while submitting their internship project.

In the market there are some reputed organizations offering Train the Trainer (TTT or T3) for example, Middle Earth HR (World's 7th Largest Certification Agency) , Oscar Murphy, Franklin Covey India and Door Training.
These names are just for reference and please do your own research to find an organization that suits you. The advantage is that you get to learn practical skills and knowledge. The charges vary from company to company.

If you are an aspiring trainer, follow these ten steps to learn more and develop your skills:

  1. Take courses on topics related to the training field that help you improve your skills and expand your knowledge.
  2. Stay informed about best practices and new developments in the field by subscribing to podcasts, webcasts, and newsletters.
  3. Build a library of books and articles on training - related topics and get in the habit of reading.
  4. Get a degree in a field that’s related to training.
  5. Become certified.
  6. Become active in the training community.
  7. Attend conferences.
  8. Find a mentor.
  9. Observe other trainers in action.
  10. Volunteer to apply your skills as a trainer.

I like mentoring people who have the passion and zeal to venture into the training field and who are looking for support beyond a traditional TTT program.

I offer one-on-on Coaching for such aspirants. There are some charges to this mentoring but they are very minimal. You may contact me in case you are looking for knowledge and skills development. In case you would like to attend a 'Train the Trainer' Program then you can do that too.

For more information, click here.

In case you just want only guidance, then also you may write to me or call me.

All the Best!

Atul Sharma



Attempt the following questionnaire and see what's your score?


Aspiring Trainer? Find Out How Trainable Are You?©





(1-Low  5-High)





I can arrange my thoughts clearly.



I have good language skills.



I have good knowledge about my domain.



I like being with people.



I know how to motivate others.



I am organized as a person.



My written communication skills are good.



I can modulate my voice easily.



I am good at public speaking.



I am good at situational humor.



I am assertive as a person.



I like to bring change in other’s lives.



I have good knowledge of PowerPoint.



I think I am creative as a person.



I think I gel with most of the people.








Score Interpretation


65 and above:

Excellent. You just need a little help and you can be a great trainer.

55 to 64:

Good. Focus on the areas you have scored 3 and 4 and you can get there.

45 to 54:

If you work hard on the areas you have scored 4 and below, with time you can be there. Keep the faith, work hard and practice a lot!

44 and below:

You can rethink about your career option. Probably you might be good at something you don’t know. Go on a Passion Quest!