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Ever wished you could sound more effective by working upon your pronunciation,

voice modulation and accent?

Join me for a

Voice & Accent Workshop

and gain skills to speak with clarity and confidence.


3-hour live training (Zoom) + 7-day WhatsApp Follow-up

Date: March 17th 2024 (Sunday) | 6 to 9 pm



What is global accent?

Tips to reduce MTI (Mother Tongue Influence)



Syllable Stress and Rules


How to modulate your voice effectively?

How to project your voice?

Self-help techniques


7-day Support: You will get micro lessons everyday.

You need to listen to the drills, practice and send your recording. You shall get feedback on a daily basis.



Registration Details

The charges for this workshop are INR 999/- (For participants from Indian and SAARC Countries) and

INR 1499/- for participants from the rest of the world.

REGISTER HERE (involves convenience charge)

or Paytm or Gpay at +91-9999598964

International Participations may use Paypal (


Atul Sharma

Know your Trainer

  • 22+ years of experience as a trainer, instructional designer and coach
  • Certified Trainer, Coach and Instructional Designer
  • MA Psychology, Diploma in Training & Development
  • Award winning trainer from Middle Earth HR
  • Trained employees from organizations like Accenture, Deloitte, NIIT and ISB
  • Impacted more than 160,000 lives so far
  • Founder and principal consultant at Oasis of Learning 

This live training includes

  • 3-hour live Masterclass
  • 7-day support via WhatsApp
  • Voice & Accent Practice Handout
  • Loads of practical tips and techniques

Top 3 benefits of this live training

  • Exclusive content to overcome common voice and accent concerns
  • Practical activities to help you gain confidence
  • Access to WhatsApp support

In case you have any queries, feel free to call at +91-9999 5989 64