Oasis of Learning

Co-Creating More Purpose and Joy

The prime benefit that our corporate clients get is that if they sign in a 21-day or 90-day Post Workshop Challenge, then they get guarantee on ROI. They can measure the success of the workshops and be assured that their time, efforts and money get them the results they desired. We conduct workshops on following spheres:

  • Train The Trainer
  • Leadership & Motivation
  • Sales and Retail
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Management Development Programs
  • Instructional Designing
  • Communication & Accent Neutralization  


We believe in 'Eureka Philosophy’ which means that when an appropriate environment is created and people are strategically guided, they can find their own way towards personal and professional excellence. All of us have the necessary resources to produce the changes we want in our life. A fulfilling space that allows the inner potential to surface can do wonders in the lives of people.


We follow 5F Methodology for my interventions.


Training Approach

Our approach while imparting workshops is to have a blend of training and facilitation. We call it Facili-training. This involves active learning methodologies like: Self-assessment Quiz, In-Basket, Simulations, Demonstrations, Practice Activities and Exercises, Group Work, Learning Videos, Storytelling, Recorded Videos of Participants (Pre and Post Training), Fish Bowl Exercise, Action Maze, Behavior Modeling , Colloquy , Discussions and Drills, Instruments, Neighbor Discussions, Reflection, Role Play and Slip Writing.

General Workshop Topics

We provide training on a lot of topics. Here a list of common topics. We can customize workshops on other topics depending upon the need of the client.

  List of Common Workshop Topics

Soft Skills

Professional Skills

Behavioral Skills

Engineering Methodologies

Achieving Personal Goals

Communicative English (Oral & Written)

Assertiveness Skills

Contracts Management

American Culture

Customer Centric Selling

Coaching at Work

Export Import Documentation

Be your own Coach

Creativity and Problem Solving

Counseling Skills

Inventory Management

Brand You

First Time Manager

Conflict Resolution

Project Management

Business Etiquette & Professionalism

Fleeting Meetings

Emotional Intelligence

Problem Solving

Campus to Corporate

Instructional Designing

Feedback that Works

Systems Development

Customer Service

Leading the Change

Handling Relationships

Stores Management

Communication Skills

Negotiation Skills

Life Skills

Material Value Control

Dealing with Different Customers

Power Packed Presentations

Motivating Employees

Logistics Management

Grab the Job

Prospecting Skills

NLP at Work

Industrial Engineering

Listening Skills

Selling Sills using NLP

People Leadership

Production, Planning & Control

Increasing Work-Life Balance

Supervision with Respect

Personal Leadership

Effective Purchasing Skills

Managing Time

Train the Trainer

TA for Managers

Quality Assurance

Managing Stress

Managing a Team

Team Dynamics

Standard Operating Procedures

Success Factor Workshop

Voice and Accent Neutralization

Time Management

Process Management

This is an indicative list of general workshop topics. We can create modules as per your needs and requirements.