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An Ice-breaker for a Selling Skills Session

Today Learners expect more information in less time and as trainers we want to disseminate the information with fun. Ice-breakers that have a fun element in them are a perfect way to do this.

Recently I delivered a session on Selling Skills for undergraduate students. I had been thinking of using an ice-breaker I had not tried earlier. I used an activity called ‘My Potato’.

Here’s information about it.

This is a fun activity that can he used to help learners get acquainted or as an activity in classes on communication, presentation, or selling skills.

To get started, pass around a bag with potatoes in it and have each participant take one. After everyone has a potato, tell learners to take 3 minutes to get to know their potato well. Tell them to note unique characteristics about their potato. Once participants have had time to learn about their potatoes, have each person in turn stand, introduce herself, and tell what is unique about her potato and why she feels that makes it unique. You might also want to have her tell how her potato's unique qualities are like her. For example, "My potato has many eyes and I am constantly observing others." If using this for an activity in a class on selling, you could have participants tell the features (characteristics) and benefits of each of those features to get them used to the traditional selling model.

The participants had fun and I was able to get an effective start to my session. 

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