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Case Study: Personal Leadership

This case can be used in any behavioral program where the trainer would like to highlight the importance of personal leadership and proactive behavior.


Vikram works in the operations department of an MNC as a manager. He is a very responsible manager and someone who really believes in creating a difference with his actions. One day after putting in some extra hours when he was leaving for home he noticed Kavita, the receptionist talking very loudly over the phone. It seems like she was on a personal call. Vikram waited for the conversation to end and then approached Kavita. He told her that it is not professional to attend personal calls at the reception. This projects an unprofessional image of the company. Kavita didn’t like this conversation and just kept quiet. After some days Vikram again noticed the same behavior. Kavita was talking and laughing very loudly over the phone. Next day Vikram spoke to Kavita’s Manager, Francis and got to know that other people have also reported similar incidents about Kavita. Francis also told that he has spoken to Kavita about this but it has not helped. Vikram told Francis that he would like to talk to Kavita. During that day, Vikram told Kavita to see him in the meeting room. During the meeting Vikram explained Kavita the importance of her role and also emphasized her contribution towards creating a professional atmosphere at the reception area. He was very patient and understanding during the talk. He listened to Kavita side of the story and helped her to understand the organization’s expectations from her. Towards the end of the discussion, Kavita apologized for her behavior and assured Vikram that she would not repeat her behavior in future.

       Questions for discussion

  1. Do you think Vikram was right in correcting Kavita’s behavior?
  2. What other consequences he could have faced?
  3. What made Kavita understand the situation afterwards?
  4. What personal and professional traits helped Vikram create a win-win situation?
  5. Where shall one draw a line between personal leadership and interference?

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