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Case Study: Work Life Balance

Ravi Gurnani has been working in ICSD Technologies since 2009. He was very happy with his job. The money was not that great but he had happiness and things were fine. He had time for his wife and kid and he could visit his parents in Delhi quiet frequently. In 2011, thirty percent of the staff was given pink slips over night. The work pressure increased and all of a sudden his work increased multi-folds. Ravi had a team of four members and their motivational levels were also less. To add on to his problems he had a new south-Indian manager who was very strict and believed in stay backs. Ravi did everything he could, but it seems his family and parents were drifting apart from him. He could not visit his mom when she was hospitalized as he had to take care of an important dealers meet.

To increase financial security his wife also took up a job. They had very less time to connect and spend weekends as Ravi was always surrounded by work. Blackberry and Laptop were two inseparable friends he had now.

One day while Ravi was watching TV his 5 year old kid came to show him a drawing he had sketched. Ravi was busy watching the program and didn’t acknowledge his kid. Raghav became very angry and threw the ash tray at on the floor. Ravi slapped him immediately. Raghav started crying and ran towards another room.

As Ravi came back to his senses, he felt guilty and lost! He wished he could do something.


Discussion Questions

  1. What would you say about Ravi’s work-life balance?
  2. What do you think Ravi can do?
  3. If you have to give him one advice what would that be?
  4. How often you feel helpless in your life, like Ravi?
  5. What have you done to improve your work life balance?
  6. What worked out for you?
  7. What are few things you are still struggling with?

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