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Nine Commandments for a Great Career ©

1. Know your Work: Understand your role and responsibilities clearly and be sure of what is expected out of you and your role.

2. Know your Boss: Genuinely make an effort to know your boss as rapport is the key to a great relationship.

3. Never say No to your Boss: Learn how to say yes in all conditions. If you can’t say no, sometimes keeping quiet is fine.

4.  Always meet your deadlines: There is nothing called perfect work, so don’t be a perfectionist. Meeting deadlines makes it easy for others to rely upon you.

5. Always keep your Boss informed: Any change from the normal shall be brought to the notice of your boss but that does not mean to keep on nagging the boss.

6. Never speak ill about your Boss: What you say about your boss is a reflection of your standards. If you have a genuine concern, discuss it with a mentor.

7. Upgrade your skill-set periodically: Learning new things can be fun. Never think that you have learnt enough.

8.  Always keep yourself busy: Keep yourself busy with work and remember that ‘Showing busy’ is different from ‘being actually busy’.

9. Be harmlessly diplomatic: Use different strokes for different folks. Remember that there is no harm in being politically savvy.

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