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Ways to Explore Reach for Psychologists

If you are Psychologist, you might benefit from this.

Recently, I conducted a poll that asked why Psychologists don’t charge what they deserve.

I will not discuss the reason for the present situation here but here are some ways for you to explore:

  1. Believe that you deserve it: You need to know your worth and go for it. A huge part of what we think we deserve is related to our self-esteem and deservability.


  1. Learn basics of digital marketing: Our digital footprint determines our reach. I would suggest you pick up a basic course in DM and practice what you learn.


  1. Leverage LinkedIn: Optimize your profile and learn to leverage LinkedIn. Here’s a session of mine to get you going:


  1. Create a Free website: Create a free website if you can’t afford a paid one initially. Even a paid one will only cost you 2-3 K per year. Ping me if you need help in this matter. I am not an expert, but I can guide you for the basics.


  1. Learn from Seniors: There are some seniors who have started conducting courses on how to establish your practice. Invest and learn from their courses.


  1. Volunteer: Volunteer for seminars and workshops in schools and institutions. Let others get to know you and your services.


  1. Connect with Corporates: Most of the corporates do not have a dedicated psychologist. Tie-up with the HRs and offer your services.


  1. Create Courses: The only way to beat quacks is to create and market a range of courses by qualified Psychologists. Create a free or paid course at Udemy or Coursera and let the world know about you.


  1. Conduct Online Sessions: Conduct sessions for 1 or 1.5 hours on various topics that can help others. Most of the people need help in stress and time management. Offer free or low-priced sessions initially.


  1. Ask for Help: You do not have to learn and do everything on your own. Ask for help. Believe me, there are people who will help you. Reach out to others. What worst can happen? They will say no! Fine… move on.


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